Top 5 Apps to Get Call Logs of Android In 2022

We all know about the latest devices and their usage in our lives. We cannot forget the involvement of technology in our routine. No doubt, it has many benefits and has several dangerous effects. It is necessary to be aware of all possible online threats. Especially kids are much interested in modern cell phones to use without taking care of screen time. Therefore, parents are worried and protect them. So, we come up with the best solution for kids’ safety. Let’s tell you the best call logs apps in 2022. We will define the fantastic apps that enable you to say to your phone call logs.

The best call logs apps

We will describe the best apps to get call logs of android phones in 2022. These all apps work without knowing the targeted person.

  • TheOneSpy monitoring software
  • Call history manager app
  • Flexispy app
  • Family orbit app
  • Mobile spy app

TheOneSpy monitoring software

TheOneSpy is user-friendly mobile spy software. You can quickly get a license and install it for the secret spying of your targeted device. Once to purchase the TheOneSpy app, you can access the device all live actions. Users can track the device and know all about them. It helps you to find possible mobile activities. You can check the complete call logs, see the call history, and record call conversations. TheOneSpy is always working for the online protection of kids and spy employees’ activities. It gives you the most satisfactory tracking results. You can install it within minutes and start online monitoring anyone you want. This is only an app that helps you secretly find the device in all actions and protect it from any harmful effects.

Call history manager

Call history is another helpful app that has been added to this list. This empowers you to record the complete conversation and track the call details, caller name, etc. The call history manager helps you save the call logs on a spreadsheet. So, it is a great tool to restrict calls and know the complete information about the call. Therefore, you can choose it and install it for the beneficiary results. This app is fulfilling your expectations and promises toward online tracking.

Family orbit

It is an excellent choice to monitor Android and iPhones. It is the best parental control app that ensures your kids’ online safety. You can track the phones and spy on their possible live performances. Users can check everything about their child’s devices because parents are worried and want to know everything about their children while using mobile devices. It is an excellent opportunity for you to spy on the device’s actions. With this software, you can know everything about the call history call location. In short, a pack with every helpful feature.


Flexispy considers a unique app in this list. It helps you track the Android and iPhones. It enables you to spy on the device and monitor every single action. Users can select the fine and most useful Flexispy to track the call logs of anyone. Flexispy allows you to check the most helpful and excellent tracking application you need. It works without knowing the targeted person. You can easily install and use it to enjoy their call log feature. Additionally, it has more features, including this.

 Mobile spy app

It is one of the best next-generation smartphone surveillance app. you can know their compatibility and directly install it into your targeted device. Then you can monitor what you want without any technical issues. This app helps you to find every single activity and check almost everything. Adding it to the list gives you the best monitoring by tracking the call logs and seeing the call details without any issue.

Final words

There is a list of best spy apps that get anyone you want to know the call logs. The above we mention is the best android spy app of 2022. Now you have to choose one of them and track it. These apps are the best and give you accurate and reliable monitoring results. So, please don’t waste your time on useless apps; select one of them and enjoy.