Top 10 Risky Business Costumes That Are Sure to Get You Noticed

If you’re looking to stand out at your next costume party, then look no further than our top 10 risky business costumes that are sure to get you noticed. While they might not be appropriate in the real world, they’re sure to turn heads and keep everyone talking at your next big event! If you want to read more about these crazy costumes and find more inspiration for your own Halloween costume this year, then keep reading! If you want to buy your costume today, simply click on the links below each picture!

1) Lisa Turtle – Saved by the Bell

Lisa Turtle - Saved by the Bell
Lisa Turtle – Saved by the Bell

If you haven’t seen Saved by the Bell, we can’t be friends. To complete your own Saved by Lisa Turtle Costume, get a couple of oversized blue rings for bracelets and a light-pink dress with long sleeves. Then paint your face pink! Start with some foundation then add blush on your cheeks and pink eyeshadow. Wear a headband or bow in similar color tones and voila, you’re ready for Fashionably Late Night! Bring along a martini glass from home to really drive home that Lisa Turtle feeling – no one will be able to resist.

2) Millie Dillmount – Devil Wears Prada

Let’s face it; you don’t always want people thinking about work when they’re at work. So why not put on a costume that’s related to your job. This costume is inspired by Anne Hathaway’s character, Andrea Sachs, from The Devil Wears Prada . You might remember her famous walk down 5th Avenue in her short skirt and black stilettos. Let your co-workers see you strutting around and getting stuff done!

3) Regina George – Mean Girls

Regina George - Mean Girls
Regina George – Mean Girls

In honor of one of our favorite high school movies, we’ve got costumes for each member of Cady Heron’s high school clique: The Plastics. It’s probably best if you already resemble these well-dressed mean girls before Halloween hits because it’s no easy feat getting Janis Ian’s (played by Lizzy Caplan) hair down or finding a pink beehive wig that rivals Regina George’s (Rachel McAdams). If you can pull it off, though, a little eyeliner and some white skin should do you just fine! Shop for your costume here!

4) Olive Penderghast – The House Bunny

4) Olive Penderghast - The House Bunny
4) Olive Penderghast – The House Bunny

If you are trying to make a bold statement with your Risky Business costume, Olive Penderghast is just what you need. Her outfit has just enough skin show in all of the right places and will have people talking all night long. For a better fit, you can also find fake breasts that double as pasties (so they won’t be exposed). Olive’s costume is made up of red heels, sheer black tights, bright blue shorts with a bow belt detail, and an asymmetrical midriff top with a deep plunge V-neckline. To round off her unique look she wears a shiny gold headband with rhinestones and big hoop earrings.

5) Sue Sylvester – Glee

This costume is far from subtle, but if you’re up for wearing something eye-catching, Sue Sylvester’s leopard-print jumpsuit from Risky Business may be just what you need. Pair it with some bright red lipstick and a set of heels and your look will be complete. No one will miss you at any event in this outfit! If you’re not a fan of over-the-top outfits, try going as Dianna Agron’s Quinn Fabray instead. Or opt for a male version of Blaine Anderson by donning a snazzy blue suit! He’ll certainly stand out in a crowd when paired with his trademark hair bow.

6) Robin Scherbatsky, How I Met Your Mother

For a risky business costume, try Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother. Robin has come a long way from her skimpy bubble dancer days in Cabo, and she’s always ready for a fun night on the town (which explains why she’s so good at matching Barney with women). To create your own Scherbatsky costume, look for red dress with sexy sleeves and then add some lace accents, preferably in black. Finish off your look with red stilettos and lots of sparkly jewelry. Make sure you have an apple martini at all times!

7) April Ludgate – Parks and Recreation

April Ludgate - Parks and Recreation
April Ludgate – Parks and Recreation

This costume is simple and funny. All you need is a pair of black pants and a white shirt. Cut off both sleeves from the shirt so that they just look like they are rolling up your arms. Then, take some white toilet paper and roll it up so that it looks like fake tattoos going down your arm, right under where you cut off your sleeves. Last, don’t forget to paint on a mustache! Easy and hilarious!

8) Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy is a classic costume choice for both men and women who are seeking a fun, clever, and sexy look. This Hollywood style looks great on most body types, but you’ll need someone to lend you an extra pair of breasts so you can have Buffy’s signature rack! The shirt is easy: just order a replica of her infamous Are You Ready For Some Vampire Killing? t-shirt. The skirt is more complicated: cut two slits into a pair of black sweatpants. Wear your favorite pointy heels (or chop off some plastic swords) as your stake, and you’ll be ready for action!

9) Princess Leia – Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Princess Leia - Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Princess Leia – Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

This costume is one of our favorite Risky Business costumes. When you wear it, you’ll feel like a million bucks! The glitter-covered ensemble makes it clear that you aren’t taking any risks by wearing anything boring. If you’re searching for an outfit for your high school homecoming or college formal, make Tiana Princess and The Frog your first choice! For women seeking costume ideas for a risk-free night out on Halloween, consider making Tiana Princess and The Frog your first choice. A Disney fan will love recreating their favorite character with just a little makeup and imagination. Plus, there’s no better way to show your appreciation for Disney than throwing on one of its princesses while getting dressed up in high heels!

10) Tiana Princess and the Frog

Tiana might be a princess, but she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She starts off as a normal girl who dreams of opening up her own restaurant one day. To help her reach that goal, Tiana changes herself in many ways — including changing her hair and dying it green. Princess or not, she really knows how to stand out at any costume party! If you don’t have time for hair dying on Halloween night, you can always try making a DIY princess wig and costume like Tiana did in her story. Her recipe included baking soda for volume and conditioner for softness — just make sure your parents approve before creating a concoction of your own!