SLP to PHP Price Rate Today: See How Much the Currency Has Changed in the Last Year

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50 12.30
100 24.61
1000 246.07


The currency exchange rate for the SLP to PHP is 1 US Dollar (USD) to 0.0000 Philippine Pesos (PHP) as of July 2022. The USD has been on a slight decline against the PHP since July 2021, when one USD was worth 0.0002 PHP. As of today, one USD is worth around 0.00018 PHP. The current exchange rate means that for every US dollar you have, you can get about 50 Philippine pesos.

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The SLP to PHP rate is always changing. As of July 2022, the current rate is 1 SLP to 2.6 PHP. This means that for every 1 SLP, you will get 2.6 Philippine Pesos in return. The USD to PHP rate is also constantly changing, but as of July 2022, it is 1 USD to 49.9 PHP. This means that for every US Dollar, you will get 49.9 Philippine Pesos in return.


The Japanese yen has been on a tear lately against the Philippine peso. In the last year, one Japanese yen has been worth an average of 0.52 Philippine pesos. That means that for every one Japanese yen you could get about 0.52 Philippine pesos in return. However, in the last month or so, the Japanese yen has been worth closer to 0.60 Philippine pesos. That’s a difference of about 0.08 Philippine pesos, or about 15%. So if you’re thinking of exchanging your Japanese yen for Philippine pesos, now might be a good time to do it!


The currency of India, the Indian rupee, has seen better days. It has been on a steady decline against most major currencies since July of last year. The situation does not look to be improving any time soon, as the government continues to implement policies that are unfavorable to businesses and investors. As a result, the value of the rupee has dropped significantly, from Rs. 70 per US dollar in July of last year, to Rs. 56 today. This means that if you are holding onto rupees, now is not a good time to convert them into another currency. You would be better off waiting for the situation in India to improve before exchanging your money.


The Canadian dollar has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride lately. After hitting an all-time high against the US dollar in early 2020, it then tanked during the pandemic as oil prices plunged. However, it has since recovered and is now trading at around 75 cents US. That’s still well below its pre-pandemic level, but it’s a marked improvement from where it was just a few months ago. As for the Philippine peso, it has also seen some volatility over the past year. It hit an all-time low against the US dollar in early 2020 before recovering somewhat during the pandemic. However, it has since weakened again and is currently trading at around 54 cents US.


The Mexican Peso has been on a bit of a roller coaster ride lately. After reaching an all-time high against the US Dollar in early 2020, it then plummeted as the pandemic took hold. However, it has since recovered somewhat and is now trading at around 19 MXN to 1 USD. Against the Philippine Peso, it is currently trading at around 0.92 MXN to 1 PHP. This means that for every 1 Mexican Peso, you can get 0.92 Philippine Pesos.


The Mexican Peso has had a strong start to the year. Despite some early volatility, the currency has been one of the best-performing major currencies so far in 2021. The MXN started the year at around 20.50 pesos per USD and is currently trading near 21.25 pesos per USD. That’s a gain of more than 3% against the dollar since January 1st.


In July of 2020, one Ruble was worth approximately 0.013 US dollars. As of July 2021, one Ruble is now worth about 0.011 US dollars. This means that the Ruble has lost about 15% of its value against the dollar in just one year. Despite this drop in value, the Ruble is still up from where it was a few years ago. In July of 2018, one Ruble was only worth about 0.01 US dollars. So, while the Ruble has lost some value recently, it is still worth more than it was a few years ago.


The Brazilian real has experienced a great deal of volatility over the past year. In July of 2017, one BRL was worth approximately $0.31 USD. As of July 2018, one BRL is worth $0.25 USD. This represents a decrease of about 19% in value. Despite this decrease, the Brazilian real has been relatively stable over the past year when compared to other currencies. For example, the Mexican peso has experienced a decrease of about 25% against the US dollar over the same time period.