Reasons You Should Use Sun Cream Everyday

Everyone knows that using Sun Cream to protect their skin is essential, but do you know the specific reasons why? It is because of the dangers UV rays can cause to our skin making it more vulnerable. In the worse case, the sun’s rays can lead to skin cancer, discoloration, and wrinkles. Protect your skin with sunscreen daily and immediately get in touch with a Board-Certified Dermatologist in your area if you have any trouble with your skin. Continue your read to know why sunscreen is so important to our life.

Avoid Aging & Winkles

With little to no protection, repeated sun exposure can harm your elastin, collagen, and skin cells. This can eventually result in early aging symptoms such as discoloration, wrinkles, fine lines, and a leathery appearance. Those who are their 20s to 30s can see clearly the signs of photoaging, or premature aging when exposed to the sunlight too much. According to the Skin Care Foundation, exposure to sunlight accounts for 90% of aging. Thankfully, consistent sunscreen use can prevent these skin problems no matter what skin type you have. Choose the right sunscreen with an appropriate SPF for your skin type. These items can be found at ease at many retailers, groceries, or even pharmacies. Shop at some common stores such as Target, Ulta, Walmart, and others and make use of a coupon code to stock many items to use such as Ulta coupon code $15 off $75, walmart promo codes 20% off.

Prevent Your Skin From Sunburn

Even when you have a darker complexion, you still need to use sunscreen to get rid of the harmful UV rays causing melanin in your skin. Though pale skin is more susceptible to skin cancer,  those with darker complexion are more able to face dangerous types of disease related to sunlight. Sunburn is a result of spending hours outside without sunscreen as well as utilizing tanning beds. If you do not avoid sunburn soon, it can lead to serious damage lead to skin cancer, and a variety of other skin problems. Therefore, regardless of skin tone, remember to wear sunscreen every day.

Lowers Skin Cancer Risk

One of the common problems of UV to our skin published by many researchers is skin cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that in 2013, 71,943 people had cutaneous melanomas identified. Use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 several times every day or SPF of 50+ if you are on the beach to reduce the risk of contracting this disease. SPF 50+ will defend better but you still need to reapply after 3-4 hours.

Prevent Discoloration

Sunlight can damage our pigment and cause dark spots as well as discoloration. These discolored spots, which are often tan to brown in hue, are also known as “sun spots” or “liver spots.” Both men and women are susceptible to them, and they frequently manifest on the face, head, hands, and arms. Frequently apply sunscreen to avoid the wide spread of these dark spots.

Get rid of Redness & Reduce Inflammation

UV rays can cause our skin to painfully swell and turn red. For people with skin conditions like psoriasis or rosacea, this can be particularly difficult. Choose the sunscreen that has SPF 50+ or for a specific area to reduce the risk of inflammation brought on by UV rays. Sunscreen contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide if you want to avoid redness. Sensitive skin types should not choose spray-on sunscreens because they may have harsh ingredients like alcohol that can dry out your skin.

Do You Really Need Sunscreen Throughout The Day?

Every two hours, do not forget to reapply sunscreen, especially when you go swimming or perspiring. Even when you work indoors, apply sunscreen twice per day. Keep sunscreen nearby to reapply whenever you need or prepare it in your package when going outside. Though sunscreen is the best idea to protect your skin, it is crucial to use other methods such as hats, sunglasses, or other protective apparel.

What Sunscreen SPF You Should Buy?

The sun protection factor (SPF) measures a sunscreen’s capacity to shield users from a particular UVB wavelength of light. There are many products available in the market with SPF from 25+ up to 65+. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 for daily use. When spending time outside, use a product with an SPF of 60 or higher. Although most people are aware of the harmful of UV rays, not all people apply sunscreen as often as they should.

Final Thought

There are many problems of UV rays caused to our skin when we expose to sunlight often. Unprotected skin can take the risk of skin cancer, wrinkles, age spots, and dark complexion so it is essential to have sunscreen in your routine. Prepare for a day with a thin sunscreen and stay healthy(good girl perfume dossier-co).