How to Change Your Boring Town Hall Meeting?

Town hall meetings, conferences, regular meetings have been a significant part of a corporate organization. These discussion forums allow all the members of an organization to get together on a single platform and share business ideas, strategies, and plans. But now that the employees have been working remotely for quite some time, it is not feasible to get everyone together physically. It is the reason the virtual version of these meet-ups has become immensely popular, for they allow everyone to come together without having to meet physically. The best part about these virtual meetings is they are as effective as their in-person equivalents.

For those who don’t know what virtual town hall meetings are, stay with us till the end. This blog discusses the meaning and tips you can use to convert a boring meeting into an engaging one.

What is Virtual Town Hall Meetings?

Town hall meetings are hosted by businesses and corporations to bring all of their employees, stakeholders, and investors together on a single platform. These meetings have a long and illustrious history; they were hosted in villages to bring people together and discuss their issues and come up with solutions.

The corporate world adapted this idea and started hosting regular town halls to discuss their business strategies. Since communication between all the employees and leadership gets challenging sometimes, these meetings allow them to interact and make communication seamless between them. Such platforms allow employees from all the hierarchies to know the company’s performance. Along with it, they enable the employees to put across their doubts and queries to the leadership. They promote interaction between everyone associated with the company.

Over the last two years, as the world has moved online, companies are conducting them over the internet using Virtual Town Hall Meeting Platforms. This format allows employees from all over the world to connect on a single platform without coming together physically.

The virtual format of town halls has become extensively popular over the years since it comes with so many advantages and conveniences.

Assuming you have understood the concept of virtual town hall meetings, we are now discussing some tips to make your meeting more interesting.

Reward Your Top Performers

Since town hall meetings allow employees, leadership, and stakeholders to come together on a single platform, what better than using the stage to reward your top performers. You can host an award show and appreciate all the employees who have performed well in the past durations. It won’t only give your town hall an interesting add-on but also make your employees feel appreciated. It will encourage them as well as others to perform better. In addition, it would make your town hall meeting more engaging.

Include Ice Breaking Activities

Another easy yet effective way to boost engagement in a virtual town hall meeting is to conduct ice-breaking sessions. The objective behind hosting a town hall meeting is to boost interaction between all the employees, which is not possible on regular days. These meetings give them the opportunity to interact with co-workers from different teams. Conducting ice-breaking sessions will enable everyone to come together and interact with each other. The team managers should consider that all the employees are getting enough chances to speak.

Create Your Meeting Agenda

Not all managers understand this but creating a meeting agenda will help you sail the meeting seamlessly. A well-curated meeting agenda will make your meeting chaos-free. Also, when you are creating the agenda, share it with your employees beforehand so that they know exactly what is going to happen. It will guide everyone and give you a way to move forward. Not only this, a meeting agenda will help you stick to the point and discuss everything necessary.

Pick a Suitable Platform

This is probably the most overlooked yet the most significant way that can help you make or break your event. While you pick up a platform, make sure you get your hands on nothing but the best. The virtual meeting platform is where your plans will get a real form; you would want it to be the best. Hence, don’t hurry when it comes to the platform. Go with the one that comes with audience engagement tools and networking opportunities. These features are considered the most crucial when we talk about audience interaction and engagement. To enhance the overall experience of the attendees, you can also use a 3D Virtual Event Platform.

Have a Moderator

To ensure smooth execution of your plans and boost the audience interaction, have a moderator on board. Moderators know how to go with the flow and how to conduct the meeting properly. Also, while assigning someone moderation, ensure they have access to the meeting and the platform. In addition, while you are looking for a moderator, make sure he knows his way through the audience. Having a cheerful and efficient moderator will make things easy and compelling for the audience and the employees.

Host Entertainment Sessions

The fact that town hall meetings are formal doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining. To give the session an off-beat touch, you can host an entertainment session and make the overall experience fun. There are various ideas that can help you add a unique factor to your virtual town hall meeting. You could either host a virtual party or a simple get-together session. The intent behind this idea is to encourage people to interact about things other than work. A simple and low-key entertainment session will help your employees create bonds beyond their teams. You can also host a movie night or some party. These things will allow your employees to let loose and enjoy themselves with their work buddies.

Now that the world has accepted the concept of virtual events and meetings, it is safe to say that they will stay here for a long time. Also, it takes a lot more than just picking a platform and hosting a meeting. You should use effective ideas and strategies to make the session memorable, which we hope this blog has helped you with.