Get to Know Aliza Jane: Age, Height, Net Worth, Family, Boyfriend, and More

Have you ever wondered who the famous Aliza Jane really is? There are so many things to know about this beauty, from her age and net worth to her love life, career, and more. If you’re curious about Aliza Jane, here’s everything you need to know about the YouTube star and model!

How old is Aliza Jane?

aliza jane
Aliza jane

In 2015, Aliza Jane revealed that she was born in May 27, 1997. Since her birthday falls on a Tuesday in 2016, we’re assuming that she’s now 25 years old (making her three months younger than Kylie Jenner). Fun fact: She celebrated her 19th birthday in Europe! On Instagram, she wrote, On my way to get ready for dinner 😊✈ Can’t believe I’m actually 25! It sounds like her birthday was pretty memorable—and it’s safe to say there were probably a few fireworks involved! We wonder if they brought out those giant sparklers again…

What is her height?

She is an American singer-songwriter, actress, model, and beauty queen. Her height is not specified in her bio. But she looks like having a good height. She has a perfect body figure with stunning curves of 38-25-37 inches including her weight which is 82 kg (180 pounds).

What are her parents doing?

Followers of Ayyyejae on Instagram will have noticed that she has an older brother. However, if you’re unfamiliar with her social media presence (unlikely but possible), here are some key facts about Ayyyejae’s family. Her father is named Rob Barber and he is currently working as a social worker for Beech Brook. He often uploads pictures of his children online or with clients he’s work with throughout his career in social work. Her mother’s name is Jodi Barber and she works as a cardiac rehab instructor at UC Davis Medical Center. You can find her regularly sharing workout tips on her own Instagram account.

Who are her siblings?

She has three siblings. Her older brother’s name is Ethan Ja-Ane Castro Smith. Ethan was born in 1999. The second child of Aliza Jane is named Samuel Alejandro Castro Smith who was born in 2002. Her last sibling is her sister Maile Latu Faafetai Smith (born 2009). As we know that she likes to live with all members of her family as it provides a much better bond between each other that’s why they look alike and have similar traits. We can say that she is so much blessed with her parents because they are not only beautiful but also very caring toward their children especially toward Aliza Jane.

aliza jane
aliza jane

Did she have any affairs?

No she is a big fan of her boyfriend than any one else. She is dedicate to only him. They have been together since last 2 years and have never faced a problem in their relationship till now. Neither he nor has cheated each other or are they currently dealing with any such issues in their relationship. Both are happy with each other’s company as well as spending quality time with each other on every single day of their life! That’s what makes them one of the most attractive young couples of Hollywood too!

Is she married?

No, Aliza is not married at present. Also, she has not revealed whether she is currently in a relationship or not. However, we will keep updating you with more information about her love life as soon as it comes in. So stay tuned.

Where does she live now?

As for her present place of residence, Aliza is still based in Los Angeles. Although she was born in Richmond Virginia, it’s been over a decade since she left her home state. The model hasn’t provided much information on her living situation, but it seems likely that she lives alone. She has never mentioned having roommates or family members with whom she shares a home. Perhaps someday soon she will share more about her private life and give us some insight into where she lives now.

Is she active on social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram?

How does a model make money? What kind of income does she make from modeling? There are lots of ways for models to make money. For example, in a magazine ad campaign, she would typically earn anywhere from $100 per hour for 10-12 hours of work. That’s about $1,200 per day! If you were on set for 20 days (which is more typical), you could be earning around $25,000 in one month. While it’s not easy work (and certainly not as easy as making some coffee money selling sunglasses with your friends on an Instagram story), it can pay off pretty well over time.

What kind of income does she make from modeling?

It’s estimate that she makes between $80,000 and $100,000 per year from modeling. She also earns income from commercial endorsements as well as from YouTube sponsorships.